3 lipiec 2014 – 6 lipiec 2014 całodniowy
10-70 euro

hooplalandHooplaland is one weekend from the 4 th July2 014 to the 6 th  of July 2014 of hoopfun with workshops, swimming, party, glitter, and dancing. We will improvise, dress up, and experiment – of course always with a hoop! For this awesome event we have found a wonderful country house in Brandenburg only 50 km from Berlin, where we can run riot and feel like being in hoop-paradise for 3 days. On site is everything that your hoopheart desires: a big lawn for workshops, a 400 sqm hall for bad weather conditions, a wonderful guesthouse or a communal bunk for a small budget, a full board or kitchen for self-catering, an amphitheatre for the show, a lake, and so much more! By the way, everyone, no matter what hooplevel you are, is welcome to Hooplaland!